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Daoguo Zhang

Joint | CEO

With nearly 20 years of mining experience at home and abroad, he has pioneered and successfully developed the theory and method of three-dimension design for mining and mineral processing engineering in China.Mr. Zhang has participated in nearly 100 large engineering projects such as mine consulting, project design, project management and customer communication at home and abroad.

Deyong Wu

Director, Chief Architect

16 years experience of software system design and embedded development
Graduated from China University of Mining and Technology, Mineral Processing Engineering (computer direction), and won the first prize of the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition (first author).
Participated in the development of mine information systems from the second year of university and accumulated a large amount of project experience.

Xingyu Chen

Intelligent Project Support Director

Fully responsible for development work of Alpha intelligent hardware sensor , and part of software development and maintenance work. Graduated from the school of physics and electronic information engineering, Neijiang Normal University. Engaged in the design and development of electronic products for 7 years, with a wealth of circuit design, software development experience, can accurately understand customer needs, control the progress of the project. The software and hardware developed are stable and reliable, and have applied for a number of patents.

Xiaoli Hu

Chief Financial Officer

CMA, Accountant, Master degree of Corporate Management-Investment Economics and Financial Management, Bachelor degree of Accounting from China University of Petroleum.
Participated in the preparation of Honghua Group's listing in HongKong, and in charge of the relevant part of the listed earnings budget. Responsible for the overall budget of the group, and established and promoted a comprehensive budget management system within the group and subsidiaries, including but not limited of Honghua Group's funds, budget, project declaration.
Participated in the establishment of the financial accounting system in Haiyang corporate, and responsible for the comprehensive financial accounting of its construction period;

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Zhipeng Ma

Independent Non- Executive Director

Assistant to the Chairman of Zhenxin Technology (300101), Founding Partner of Canghai Capital, and Master of Laws of Beijing Normal University, has successively served as a Legal Department Member of Nongfu Spring, the Head of Development Research Department of Beikuang Institute of Beijing Equity Exchange Group, the Government Affairs Specialist of Alibaba Group, and the Vice President of Acfun (station A). He has rich experience in government and media affairs management, brand promotion and investment promotion experience in financing services, and he once participated in the establishment of "China Iron Ore Spot Trading Platform".

www.alibabagroup.com      Alibaba Group (BABA) - NYSE

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Wang Cun

Board Secretary

Mr. Wang has worked for Aigo and Baidu with more than ten years of experience in market operation and team management in IT industry; Since 2014, he has taken part in successful financing and IPO with several Industrial IT companies. Mr. Wang has deep understanding and practical experience in the organizational structure and capital operation of public companies.

Dong Xiu

Independent Non- Executive Director

With a master's degree of Financial Information Engineering from Peking University, he used to be a senior consultant of IBM, a senior executive of lenovo group, and is now the vice President of CSC Investment group. He has more than ten years' experience in operation and investment in the TMT field, and has profound insights into corporate management and equity investment.

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Zhigang Xu

Deputy General Manager/Senior Engineer

Graduated from Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology. In 2002, Mr Xu was appointed the first factory director of mechanical and electrical equipment in Coal Preparation Plant of Tashan Coal Mine, Datong City, Shanxi Province, which is one of “ Ten Important National Projects”. Till now, Mr Xu has 38 years of experience in coal mine machinery manufacturing and maintenance, with a wealth of field work experience and management experience. In the past 15 years, Mr Xu has been engaged in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of coal preparation machinery and equipment in the coal washing industry. The equipment involves all kinds of international well-known brands and China famous brand, which means Mr Xu has a completely deep understanding of all these machines.

Youlin Deng

R&D Director - Mining Equipment

Youlin Deng is a mechanical engineer who’s mainly responsible for the specific research and development of mechanical equipment. Mr Deng has 10 years experience in equipment design and manufacturing. Before joining in Alpha, in the field of environmental protection of coal-fired flue gas disposal, he was engaged in technical support of FGD absorption tower equipment for nearly five years, and was proficient in the design and selection of demister, desulfurization nozzle and flue gas distributor, and familiar with Water jet technology. Moreover, Mr Deng had indepiendently designed Rain test box for military equipment testing (GJB150.8A-2009), used in Oxygen-enriched combustion system of Cement rotary kiln, etc.

Sophie Guan

General Manager of International Project, MBA

Bachelor degree in International Economics and Trade, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.
Dedicated in international trade negotiations and coordination for nearly 8 years, has rich experience in international trade practice and, the construction and coordination experience of large-scale software and hardware combined system projects.

Bryan Yang

Director, General Manager of ALPHA Australia

Full responsibility for Australian companies and mining intelligent project operations.
Participated in international mining project coordination many times.
Prior to joining Alpha, he worked as a mining engineer for Territory Iron in Australia.
Mr. Yang graduated from the University of New South Wales, Mining Engineering.
After graduation, working in an Australian mine, in addition to more than 4 years of mining planning and blasting design experience, there is also a wealth of first-line mining work experience, and obtained a CAT777 and other heavy mining vehicles work license.

Jian Yang

Solution Director - Coal Preparation

Graduated from China University of Mining and Technology, Major in Mineral Processing and Minor in Marketing.
One year worked for Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.
Twelve years worked for FLSmidth ABON Pty Ltd as Market Development Manager.


Shuni Chen

Chairman of the board

Prior to the appointment as Chairman of Alpha, she worked at Minmetals & Jingyi Futures Co Ltd. and has experience in futures trading, risk control, marketing, and management. Ms. Chen is also the founder and CEO of the luxury jewellery brand [DD Jewel] and one of the founding shareholders of [9X Minerals LLC], which is dedicated to the development of scarce non-metallic mineral resources.

[DD Jewel] www.ddjewel.com
[9X Minerals] www.baritepowder.com


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