How Alpha engineers do site installation and commissioning of bulldozer remote control system



(Bulldozer and Customized Remote Controller)

Inner Mongolia Yijixugong Group is a joint venture co founded by the famous military enterprise Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group and XCMG group. And asked Alpha to configure the remote control system for their bulldozer. The bulldozer and remote control system will be displayed at Bauma 2020 Shanghai as a typical equipment of high-end intelligent manufacturing!


                                                                                                                 (Bauma China 2020)

On the afternoon of November 7, Alpha electrical engineer Mr Su and chief electrical&hydraulic engineer Mr Lee arrived in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Then they went to the local hardware market to purchase parts needed for refitting: wires, electrical tape, bellows, etc.

On the morning of November 8, Mr Su and Mr Lee came to office to communicate with the site engineers and confirm the electrical and hydraulic drawings and the refitting plan. After that, we went to the factory to confirm and visited tanks of the First Machinery Group by the way(The military industry is confidential and no photos are allowed).


                                                                                                            (Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group)

In the afternoon, Mr Su and Mr Lee started to refit the remote control system. They discussed details of refitting with the site electrical engineers and the wires needed for refitting. The major discussion is about how to route the wires and how to refit the wires from the circuits site engineers have already made, and to confirm whether the power is enough. After discussion, there came to a plan that both Alpha engineers and site engineers agree.


                                                                                                            (Site preparation for refitting)

On the morning of November 9, Mr Su and Mr Lee went to the local market again to purchase parts needed for refitting: relay, electrical plug, etc. In the afternoon, they confirmed the circuit refitting and wiring with the site engineers, and make the circuit diagram and detailed list. Till that time, all the preparations for refitting were completed. As the customer had to send the bulldozer away the next night, Mr Su and Mr Lee were pressed for time. Also the site engineers helped them to refit it, working overtime until 9 PM.

By about 4:00 PM. on November 10, the refitting has been completed. Because of being well-prepared before, the whole refitting process hardly encountered any problems.  

After that, the remote control commissioning started. Still, because of the site engineers’ insufficient work on the bulldozer, the bulldozer engine can't start and the bulldozer's action mechanism can't execute. Then, Alpha engineers and site engineers discussed and then dealt with the problem. The former problem was due to the program problem of Weichai engine they used, while the latter problem was that the site engineers connected the wrong port when installing our refitted solenoid valve. There was no problem with remote control system, except that the engine cannot be started remotely.


                                                                                                      (Bulldozders commissioning in factory)

After commissioning, there was still something wrong with the communication protocol between remote control and Weichai engine of bulldozer. Then Mr Su and Lee communicated with the site engineers to further analyze the problems existing in the communication protocol. Finally, under the remote guidance of Weichai's engineers, Mr Su and Lee refreshed the program and successfully solved the problem together with site engineers, which was highly praised and unanimously recognized by site engineers.

Bauma Shanghai will be held from November 24 to 27, 2020. This bulldozer marked with high efficiency, energy saving, intelligence and remote control appeared in Bauma exhibition!

Alpha can not only configure remote control for equipment of military enterprises, but also customize high-quality remote control system for large international companies, such as customers from Silicon Valley.


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