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Alpha Industrial Technology Brief

Certified by ISO9001:2015 GB/T19001-2016

ALPHA's headquarter locates at Cayman Islands, and with Wholly-owned subsidiaries in Kitwe/Zambia, Chengdu/China.

Alpha Industrial Intelligence Holding Co Ltd, dedicates to provide intelligence mining solutions, based on IoT (Internet of Things), for Mining & Mineral projects.

ALPHA's core competence:

Mining Equipment Remote Control system, such as Load-Haul-Dump radio remote control, Drilling remote control, etc. Including line-of-sight remote control, intelligence glove (Gesture control), Tele-remote control system;

Mineral preparation plants intelligence system, including IoT monitoring Pre-warning system and adaptive adjustment intelligence system, applied in Coal processing plants, gold processing plants, etc.;

α Brainwave Intelligence Helmet, applied for on-site operators' fatigue monitoring via physical vital signs.

Chengdu Alpha Industrial Intelligence Co., Ltd is ALPHA's wholly-owned subsidiaries in China. And Chengdu office is mainly in charge of R&D, core sensors OEM, and international project coordination.

ALPHA dedicates to enhance mining operation safety by advanced technology, reduce personnel factor influence on production, centralized control and pre-warning. The core goal is to maximum mining safety and productivity.

ALPHA's advantages are customized service. Each mine site is difference from others. After overall communication with clients, ALPHA's professional team makes proposal based on specific requirements and situations. Advanced service can make higher safety and higher productivity happen at the same time.

Miners who operate load-haul-dumps (LHDs), concrete sprayer, excavator, dozer, road headers, and shearers could easily be at risk in what can charitably be described as an uncertain environment. Remote control system for mining equipment can keep operators away from hazardous situation, while optimizing recovery rate. That’s our goal, to be more helpful to creating a ZERO-HARM working place for miners.

IoT based monitoring and early warning system can reduce unplanned downtime on mineral processing plants. It can avoid unplanned production loss, and enhance reliability.

ALPHA mining solutions can make the productivity of mining sites and mineral preparation plants higher than planned.

Safety & Productivity, Win-Win!


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