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Remote Control in Mining

Underground Mining generally faces two main problems: low productivity and insecurity under the hazardous situations. Remote control mining equipment, such as remote control Load-Haul-Dump loaders and drilling jumbo, and remote control roadheader, can effectively solve the safety and low recovery rate problems. Line-of-sight and tele Remote control system can optimize productivity and enhance safety by keeping operators away from dangerous areas. ALPHA can offer customized Remote Control Mining solutions for branded equipment, contact us for more!

Solve our Thinking, then Problems Solve themselves! 

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Predictive Maintenance in Mining

For to eliminate the unplanned downtime and unnecessary preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance can be applied to continuously monitor the condition and performance of equipment, and predict equipment failure based on IoT and cloud-computing-based AI technology. ALPHA provides overall solutions for coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP) and mineral processing plant, including but not limited remaining useful life management, proactive maintenance management based on failure prediction, and supply-chain management.

Predictive Maintenance, PdM in mining, is not just a maintenance method, but a new revolution for mining efficiency!

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Innovative Mining Solutions

ALPHA Industrial Intelligence is an engineer-based company with headquarter in Cayman Island, which has seasoned experience in coal, gold, copper and other base metal mining. After 10+ years' research and development, ALPHA offers mining companies with proven remote control and predictive maintenance solutions, which has been applied to mining fields worldwide and helped our clients with higher productivity and safety, and other automation instruments and valves in processing plant.

Our aim is to support clients with the most suitable solutions. Contact us for a custom-built service.

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Predictive Maintenance in Mineral Processing Plants

What is Predictive Maintenance in Mineral Processing Plants?

What is Predictive Maintenance, which gains much attention recently? Is there any difference between preventive maintenance and predictive in mineral processing plants? Click this article to know more with ALPHA.
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ALPHA Intelligence: PdM, Remote Control, and valves in Hannover Messe 2019

ALPHA participates in Hannover Messe 2019 with predictive maintenance solution, remote control, automation instrument & valves. All for Industrial Automation and Intelligence.
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Copper Mining Optimizing Productivity with Remote Control Mining Loaders

Ashele Copper Mining launched Remote Control LHD

ASHELE copper mining plant optimized productivity via RRC, Radio Remote Control Loaders for underground mining. Meantime, RRC loaders decreased personnel damage risk.
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What you can benefit from ALPHA?

With Background of 40+ years experience in mining and mineral processing,

you can benefit from us much more than the following:

- Seasoned Engineer Advice from members of AusIMM

- Autonomous Mining Custom-made Solutions

- Predictive Maintenance system in plants;

- Optimized Material Management system;

- Sourcing advice for both mining and mineral processing.

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