Ashele Copper Mining launched Remote Control LHD

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Ashele Copper Mining plant launched Remote Control 2 cubic Load-Haul-Dump

In June of 2016, Ashele copper mining plant carried out technologically upgrading to JCCY-2 LHD. Till now, the result is surely positive, which means new LHD has created a safety working environment while reducing the cost of per ton ore.

The traditional residual ore recovery mainly adopts the method of blasting vibration and opening the roadway. In this process, the cost of excavation materials, supporting materials and labor costs directly lead to the rise in the cost of per ton ore, and insecurity of operator is a big issue and potential cost. Because the stope has been mined, the exposed area is large, the ground pressure is complex, and the conditions are limited, part of the residual ores usually have to be given up in order to ensure operator’s safety.

However, if the residual ore recovery is carried out by remote control LHD, not only this part of the cost can be saved, operator insecurity-caused accidents are also more efficiently avoided which fully embodies the "human-oriented" concept of safe production.

There are two models in the new LHD system: one is manned mode, and the other is unmanned, remote control mode. When doing deslagging, processing by-production ores or doing other auxiliary operations in self-support tunnel, manned mode is generally used. While recycling the residual ores in stope, they prefer to unmanned mode, which is operated by remote control within the most effective control distance, 50 meters.

On Sept.7th and 8th 2016, mining plant used the wireless remote control system to carry on the residual ore recovery to the 600 middle 12# stope, which respectively recycled 45 shovels and 50 shovels of residual mine, a total of 237.50 tons. Since then, the mining plant will continue to coordinate the LHD in time to recover the residual mine after completing the work in self-support tunnel.

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