The Hardware Factory of Industrial IoT with an Annual Output of 600000 Pieces Has Started Trial Production!


Editor's Note

The global shortage of semiconductors may continue, and domestic industrial chips also encounter serious "neck" problems. Alpha Intelligent has always adhered to self-developed sensors to improve the application applicability of the mining industry. The delivery capacity of chips and products is also subject to the problem of "hand-made". Alfa and capital SDIC jointly set up an industrial Internet of things hardware manufacturing base in Jining, Shandong Province, It will completely get rid of the dilemma, and sufficient chip sensor capacity also provides hardware support for the large-scale and extensive market-oriented development of Alfa intelligent control business.

A Test

The term "garage entrepreneurship" comes from HP. After HP, many great companies start from the garage, such as apple, Amazon and Google. Do you match these garages with these great companies one by one?

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The first office of many startups is the garage of parents or friends. So many times, people think of the garage and think of entrepreneurship.

Alpha's Yesterday

The same as but different from the above companies is that the beginning of Anfa is in this "small workshop" with an area of less than 10 square meters.

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Those who are afraid of suffering suffer all their life, and those who are not afraid of suffering suffer for a while.

Alpha's Today

Now, Alpha and capital SDIC jointly set up the industrial IOT hardware manufacturing base - core future intelligent equipment (Shandong) Co., Ltd. in Jining, Shandong Province, which is mainly responsible for the production and manufacturing of industrial IOT sensors. The phase I production capacity is 600000 pieces / year, and the factory officially began trial production!

Let's enjoy our luxury factory~

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600000 pieces of high-precision MEMS intelligent sensors and industrial Internet of things hardware manufacturing base!

Phase I of the manufacturing base mainly manufactures three-axis vibration acceleration temperature integrated sensors, temperature sensors, industrial Internet of things gateway and voiceprint sensors equipped with 28 nm process, which can be widely used in mining, wind power, petrochemical, engineering machinery, general industrial machinery and other purposes; As well as load and grinding sound monitoring for ball mill power optimization, and special sensors such as triaxial vibration acceleration for vibrating screen exciter.

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It is expected that by the end of this year, core future intelligent equipment (Shandong) Co., Ltd. will build an intelligent production line with an annual output of 2 million pieces and an intelligent equipment transformation, test and manufacturing base such as intelligent vibration exciter integrating the R & D, design and manufacturing of intelligent sensors.

This is only the construction of phase I plant. Let's look forward to a better tom

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