Alpha tells you how to monitor the equipment in coal preparation plant effectively?



The vibrating screen, pump and belt conveyor are the key links to control the quality of coal products. Whether the equipment can run reliably is directly related to the safety production and economic benefits of enterprises. At present, the monitoring of equipment operation in preparation plant is mainly realized by manual spot check. There are many shortcomings in the manual spot inspection mode: the equipment working condition data can not be continuously tracked, the monitoring time is consuming, the accident response is delayed, and the labor intensity is large, which leads to the vibration screen beam and side plate damage or spring deformation, reducer tooth breakage, shaft bearing damage and other faults.  


At present, all kinds of equipment fault diagnosis methods and predictive maintenance methods are proposed on the basis of vibration signal analysis and temperature signal auxiliary. Therefore, in order to timely and accurately grasp the change of equipment working conditions, it is necessary to build equipment vibration and temperature online monitoring system, which is conducive to the smooth completion of the washing process, and is also the main way to build modern information washing plant. Alpha Intelligence is doing very well in this aspect.

1. The overall Scheme of Predictive Maintenance System (PdM)

1.1 Functional Requirements

  • All the equipment in the washing workshop is covered. Each washing workshop probably has more than 30 for monitoring devices, each device of motor, reducer, and other associated equipment such as vibrator is vibration and temperature monitoring is required, therefore involves up to more than two hundred monitoring points, so we need according to the distribution characteristics of the reasonable monitoring position setting the location of the monitoring sub station, and each monitoring station monitoring scope.

  • Wireless communication is realized between monitoring sub-stations and monitoring sub-stations. The workshop of coal washing plant is in a harsh environment. If wired monitoring and wired data transmission are followed, many cables will be laid on the site, which will take up space and pose great safety risks. In addition, the workshop and floors are mostly steel structure, to ensure reliable wireless communication between the monitoring sub-stations and monitoring sub-stations.

  • Monitor the back-end data processing and equipment health status diagnosis of the terminal. Monitoring terminal is the brain of the monitoring system, monitoring center located in washing factory, by using optical fiber network gateway receives all monitoring substation transmitted to the monitoring data, in addition to the need to implement to analytical processing, data display, storage, generate reports and other basic function, also need to judge "judgment" thinking ability in time tracking equipment running status and report to the police.

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  • 1.2 Overall Structural Scheme

  • The real-time monitoring system of washing plant equipment conditions consists of three parts: on-site monitoring sub-station, on-site monitoring sub-station and monitoring station of monitoring and control room.

Temperature sensors are installed in motor bearings, roller seat, reducer to realize the temperature monitoring equipment. Vibration sensors are installed on the motor, reducer and vibrating screen to monitor the vibration. Monitoring data acquisition instrument and directional antenna to wirelessly uploaded to the corresponding monitoring substation, and then transmit the data through the optical fiber ring to ring net switch and by monitoring the host, and by the PC analysis software to analyze the signal processing and equipment health diagnosis.


2. What ALPHA PdM Bring to Your Mine?

  • Optimize Management Efficiency

Visualization of the operation data and data-driven decision support can make management fleet more efficient and proactive.

Enhance the connection of departments in the organization and optimize the data sharing timely and consistency.

  • Improve Mineral Recovery & Grade Production

Improve Mineral Recovery by balancing the variable factors in the processing plants. Based on AI framework and Big Data analysis, Predictive Maintenance brings proactive actions to your plant for guaranteeing the grade production.

  • Improve Technician & Sourcing Efficiency

Predictive maintenance advice of equipment failures can help with improving the cooperation between technician and sourcing department. Technician will be informed with detailed solutions from expert database and ALPHA cloud which can reduce the time cost of shooting troubles. Sourcing department can take proactive actions to make sure spare parts supply timely.

  • Output UP & Cost Down

Take care of your equipment in whole-life-cycle side– from conveyor to centrifuge and loaders. Get Predictive Maintenance advice from experts and ALPHA cloud to improve equipment output. Optimize Maintenance fleet to cut down cost.


3. Conclusion

According to the characteristics of the main washing workshop of the washing plant, an on-line monitoring system for equipment in the washing plant is designed and built, which realizes the real-time monitoring of all equipment in the plant, including vibrating screen, pump, belt conveyor and reducer, improves the comprehensive information management and automation level of the washing workshop, and provides comprehensive data information for the equipment management of the washing plant to realize the timely tracking and evaluation of the operation status of the coal preparation equipment and guide the daily maintenance work, the failure rate of the equipment is significantly reduced, the economic loss and potential safety hazards caused by the equipment failure are avoided, and the safety production of the washing plant is fully guaranteed.

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