Pneumatic Pinch Valve

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Pneumatic/Air operated Pinch Valve

A pinch valve is a full bore or fully ported type of control valve which uses a pinching effect to obstruct fluid flow.

Our pinch valve can replace the knife gate valve, check valve, and regulating valve. There are rubber flange at the both ends, which can support sealing property of our pinch valve.

Pinch Valve is known for that internal elastomer sleeve is superior in durability and performance.

Sleeves in pinch valve are designed for cost-effective maintenance and are able to outlast conventional metal valves. The sleeves are the only wet part of the valve, reducing the need of high-cost metal alloys valve bodies. We can only replace the sleeves in pinch valve maintenance.

Pinch Valve Sleeve full-port design is ideal for slurry and solids handling. Meanwhile, the resiliency within sleeves allows the pinch valve to wear at a much lower rate than metals or even ceramic surfaces.

Our pinch valve is able to tolerate acid of various medium concentration and alkali salt of any concentration, and can transport slurry, dry and wet powder, as well as media with crystalline objects. There are a few types of pinch valves based upon application.

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